The name of this blog comes from a beautiful clinker built mahogany 14" Tideway sailing dinghy: Wild Goose, my first boat. Getting her was a bit of a wild goose chase in itself and she was never a terribly sensible thing to have, requiring a lot of maintenance, tender loving care, and sheer brute strength (water logged mahogany is HEAVY). I loved her though and she gave me an awful lot of pleasure and some great adventures (some more embarrassing than others, such as getting stranded on a mudbank up the Tamar River).

The quote has no known origin but seems apt. Life - and theatre - is often joyous, sometimes foolish, hard work, occasionally embarrassing and sometimes seriously anxiety-inducing in just the way having the boat was, and it feels to me as though that's how it should be. I don't ever want to stop going on the occasional wild goose chase. Or run out of trees to climb. (Coelacanth, by Ben Moor)

So. At the moment I'm finding 100 things to love about London, having returned to the city after 4 years away and not being wholeheartedly convinced about it. I also work in theatre - my website is here.