Thursday, September 29, 2011

100 things: the Hungerford Bridge at night

There is a footbridge that goes alongside the Hungerford Bridge between Embankment and Waterloo - I walked back across it last night from a lovely dinner at Wahaca for my friend's birthday (it was definitely also something to love but at the time, other than garnering a couple of suggestions for this blog, I was more interested in enjoying the company and the food than taking photos!)

Anyway, we'd been talking about how wonderful walking across any bridge in London is and going to get my train from Waterloo I remembered why. This part of the river at night is just stunning, coming from busy Embankment to the cool dark river - St Paul's a shadow in the distance; the neon lights of the National; the Oxo Tower (also on my list), the Royal Festival Hall's open faced front full of welcoming busy bars and restaurants - the photos do it no justice. I've got lots of things people have suggested I do along here and I'm looking forward to it: it's always been one of the parts of London I love the most.

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