Tuesday, October 4, 2011

100 things: Claudia's house

The house of one of my good friends is not really accessible to most people, of course, but I think merits inclusion for several reasons - quite apart from the fact that once it had been suggested, she would have been extremely offended if it had been left out. One good actual reason is that it has now housed two friends of mine as lodgers who just needed somewhere to stay and found a home; another is that it is a brilliant place of gatherings, parties, meetings and conversations; another, well. Everyone's got at least one friend in London, don't they? It's definitely something great about this city: so many people I've met elsewhere are here now, or have lived here once, or will live here one day.

So for the purposes of this blog, let's have Claudia's house represent not only its welcoming cosy self, where I love to hang out, but also all the houses of all the friends I have in London - and their hospitality. The photo is of smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and bagels, apple juice and coffee from freshly ground beans, eaten this Monday morning in the garden, in the sun, after a late night of drinking and laughing and dancing. Thanks to Andy for pointing out that this really should be on my list!


I'm off on holiday for the next two weeks, so no updates for a while - I'll be doing more when I get back.

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